About Me

I decided to move the information from the 'About me' section to a separate page because it looked like one huge run on sentence on my blog home page. And internet, once we get to know each other, you will quickly realize that clutter is just not acceptable in my world! So without further ado...

I once saw an Onion article making fun of reality shows. It claimed that the fall line-up would include shows such as 'America's Shiniest Objects'...yeah, I'd totally watch that!

My name is Marie Lotto and I am passionate about interior design, photography & sparkly things like jewelry! 

There is a plethora of home design & improvement ideas swimming through my head so I thought a blog would be a great place to communicate my ideas, experiments, mistakes and alas successes! Of course my visions could not become reality without my chief execution officer, Kevin, aka hubby.

As far as photography goes, I love taking images of good times, kids in action, cute babies, couples in love and beautiful places.

My jewelry design style is glam resulting in sparkly pieces for weddings, nights out and general fabulousness. I'm a fan of gemstones, Swarovski crystal, silver and gold. I mean diamonds and platinum are ok too, but I just choose to work the other stuff;)

Enjoy my blog! I look forward to your feedback and love positive comments!