Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sublime paint colors!

I have heard many oooohs and aaaahs over the background colors of the Marie Lotto Design spring collection shot by Leah Haydock Photography.

I am always on a quest for mesmerizing and alluring paint colors. What will captivate me more...royal, electric, faded, fresh or classic colors? There are so many to choose from and with such a fine line between crazy and amazing, the task can often become difficult. Plus, the miniscule swatch sizes are often misleading.

I have two favorite sources for paint colors. The first is COLORS from Pottery Barn and Benjamin Moore. Pottery Barn and Benjamin Moore have partnered up to bring us tried and true gorgeous wall paint ideas! A huge bonus is that the pages of the Pottery Barn catalog are splashed with the latest colors so you can get a better idea what the color looks like in a living space! They come out with a new collection each season.

My second all-time favorite source of paint colors is Restoration Hardware. The store is covered with the paint that they sell...bellissima or as Restoration Hardware says 'a stroke of genius'! I have to agree:)

Ok, ok, so what were the colors used in the photo shoot? The first photo is 'Million Dollar Red' and the second photo is 'Fairview Taupe' both by Pottery Barn and Benjamin Moore. The last photo is the classic 'Silver Sage' by Restoration Hardware. I have only one thing to say...sublime!

A word to the wise; the nice helpful man at the paint store tried to sell me a primer for the 'Million Dollar Red'. As I was only painting 2 walls, I passed which was a HUGE mistake! I ended up painting 6 coats on the wall and 7 on the trim, thereby requiring an entire additional gallon and a lot of extra work!

The last tip I will leave you with is this: Home Depot and Lowe's are masters at matching paint colors! If you are on a budget, take the swatch into your local hardware store and have it color-matched. My personal favorite is Home Depot's Behr line with an eggshell finish.

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