Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A snappy app

As you may have realized by now, I love to find inspiration in unexpected places! The problem is that if I want to use my 'inspiration' as a paint color for furniture, wall, other accessories, etc. it is not always easy to have the color matched. This is particularly true if the item is big & bulky like a vintage turquoise truck!

Since Apple has made the claim that there is an app for that, meaning an app for almost anything, I set about trying to find a solution. In my search, I ran across the Sherwin Williams ColorSnap app for iPhone and iTouch. Best of all it is free! You can take an image of anything, choose the portion of the photo to match with your fingertip and it will give you the closest color in the Sherwin Williams paint palette. I also found that the 'myPantone' app does the same thing with Pantone colors and costs $9.99.

For fun, I tested this out on some veggies we picked up at a farmstand. Haven't you always wondered if the color of eggplant is eggplant?

Nope, apparently it is Sommelier.

Try it out, I swear it is a little fun too! I now know the color of my leg, the shirt I am wearing and a Cape Cod chips bag. Obviously, I did not have to go too far to test it out!

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