Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meet the heart wall project

I am obsessed with Pinterest. Yes, obsessed. Pinterest is a place to catalog images from the web or that you take. You 'pin' them to your own boards and have the ability to see others' pins and repin them to your own board.

I really need to devote a whole post to Pinterest so I'll save my love letter to Pinterest for later. For purposes of this post, you really just need to know that I got the idea for a 'heart wall' from Pinterest and it came from an apartment in Paris (that is just to make it sound cool).

I have been struggling for years with what to do with the stairway wall that goes from the 1st to the 2nd floor. It is a blank canvas with so many options. You can see what the 1st floor hallway looks like here and 2nd floor colors here. My thought was always to do a large scale frame installation, but I was afraid of messing it up, I couldn't decide on the images to display, I would have to buy a ton of frames, I didn't know what frames to buy, yada yada yada. Plus, I am already tackling large scale frame installations on the third floor and I did not want to go overboard.

Enter, the heart wall. This is a collection of standalone images that are posted in the shape of a heart on the wall. This allows me to not have to bother with frames, gives me the ability to display more images and will be (at least in theory) a lot easier to assemble and hang. 

Of course to facilitate this process, I laid out the design in google docs. I felt the need to do this because the image from Pinterest was of Polaroids which have slightly different dimensions than the 4x6" images that I plan on using. Plus, it's just what you do if you have an engineering degree.

The other decision I made was to make the heart entirely of black and white images. This would prevent me from going crazy trying to assemble color images in a way that would make them look like they belonged together.

I am looking forward to the finished product. I have selected all of the images (look for them in the next post) and am about to put in the order!

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  1. Thanks just what I have been looking for. I got one that was a heart but was 4x6 turned both ways and all my photoes are the long way and couldn't make her heart. I thought of this but would take so much time to design. Thanks, I'll use this one on my wall. Becky