Friday, August 13, 2010

Are you a fan?

You know what I am talking about; the ceiling fan. Yes, the lighting fixture that every designer on Trading Spaces would rip straight out of the ceiling every.single.episode. I am fairly certain that my aversion to ceiling fans came from that show.

Then I got to thinking, what has the ceiling fan ever done besides make me happy? Ceiling fans are really quite excellent on hot summer days...and have we had hot summer days this year! They also provide white noise which is, in my opinion, a sweet sweet lullaby. The challenge has always been, where can I find a ceiling fan that is cool in both design and temperature?

Henceforth, I went on a quest to find a cool ceiling fan. Most big stores had the typical faux wood or brass finish types. And then I found it, the ceiling fan that was meant to be at Restoration Hardware. I typically reserve Restoration Hardware for pieces that I know will be permanent fixtures as they are an investment. So here it is folks, the ceiling fan that lulls me to sleep every night. 

The only downfall is that this fan does not provide much in the way of white noise, likely due to the high level of quality. Obviously, I will choose design over my sweet lullaby, but hey, that's just me!

Head on over to Restoration Hardware to check out their ceiling fan selection. I am really liking their entire line of ceiling fans. In fact, I do not think I've run into anything I do not like there.

And a few artistic shots for your viewing pleasure.

So what do you think? I'd love to get your feedback. 

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