Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Commander in Chic

Have you ever purchased a nail color just because of the name? (Presumably, this question is for the ladies only.) I cannot say that I have, but if I am torn between two choices, I will almost certainly go with the one with the better name. I am thinking it works because I see it more and more. 

OPI is the master of nail polish names, but recently I have really been loving Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure line. Some of the intriguing names include Commander in Chic and Back to the Fushia. I did not really like Back to the Fushia, but I nearly bought it because that is a pun on the movie that makes time travel possible. The thing that really impressed me though is their awesome brush. They have somehow designed it so that you get a flawless, just stepped out of the salon with a manicure, look every time. Good stuff. 

Anyhow, the real reason I am telling you all of this is because I think nail polish colors are another unexpected source of inspiration for the home. They are typically bolder than what you might put on your walls, but I think some of the colors would make for amaaaazing accent pieces. For example, a bedframe in Right Said Red (color on the left) or a desk or bookcase in a girl's room in Commander in Chic (color on the right). 


  1. Mens deoderant is the same, it's all the name and colors on the packaging! B*stards!

  2. haha! and the best thing is that you can change out the accessories to different colors when you get bored with Right Said Red!

    @Construction Professional, I always pick out my boyfriends deodorant by it's name and packaging... and wine....

  3. @Construction Professional - I know it. It is definitely marketing fluff!

    @ Mary Meyer Photography - Totally agreed on the wine. I think the label and name weigh evenly. How else are you supposed to know which one to buy aside from the price (also not totally reliable) and free taste tests (and how often do you see those?)?