Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First know all of the rules, then break them

Don't get me wrong, I am pleasantly surprised when mistakes turn into something fabulous. The trouble is that I rarely know how the mistake turned into a positive outcome. However, deliberate mistakes are easier to track and repeat! For example, my first photography class was called visual perception. During the first class we were told to go out and take blurry photos. Whaaaaaa? I love ubersharp photos! I'd have it no other way.

The class stumbled back with, well mostly blurry wierd images, but everyone had at least a few that just worked.

Lesson learned; it is ok to break the rules, it even makes for unique images or interior design or whatever else suits your fancy. However, to achieve best results and maybe even end up with something better than if you stayed on the straight and narrow, you must know the rules, so that you can break them effectively! 

I hope this makes some sort of sense and is not total jibber jabber. Here are a few examples to help me articulate my point.

Would this image be stronger if it were blurry or sharp? 

Ok, now this is strange. I was looking at this photo thinking about which rules it could possibly be breaking and then I read the caption. This is a small space that is painted with an oil-based metal enamel called Oregano Green (Benjamin Moore 2147-10) resembling a lacquer (per HGTV site). Note to self! Must investigate this so-called metal enamel, it sounds fierce (in the words of Christian Siriano from Project Runway's fourth season). 


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