Sunday, September 19, 2010

They called it my tupperware

My friends used to make fun of me in college; well for several reasons now that I think about it. The reason worth mentioning here is my near obsessive use of what my friends called 'Tupperware'. Almost Jeff Lewis obsessive. It was not really Tupperware, but Rubbermaid bins. We moved either every year or every other year in college and I had a system. I would pack up my Tupperware and move on to the next place nooooo problem. Meanwhile, my roomies were scrounging for boxes and had tons of odds and ends. I showed them!

So this is it. The real reason for renovating the third floor closet; to organize it and reduce the clutter that was waiting in line for a chance to be stored properly. This was the most exciting part of the project for me! 

You can check out the mid-project update here and detailed how-to instructions on the L floor monogram here.

Some before pics. First, the closet. I could hardly open the door, much less get to the items that I needed...except the cheesehead. That was always within reach.

Next, the stuff waiting in line to be put in the closet.

The process
  1. Take everything out of closet
  2. Group items into appropriate categories. I used the following; donate, toss, will not need until we move, will need on an annual basis (Christmas decorations, winter coats), will need on a regular basis (luggage, gift wrap, sewing supplies, artsy stuff, filing cabinet).
  3. Once toss and donate items are set aside, consolidate boxes and bins (aka Tupperware or Rubbermaid storage bins). My goal is to not have to buy any more boxes or bins. For every item that is brought into the house, one must go! 
  4. Put items back in the closet starting with least used to most used.
Here is the after status. Not exactly brimming with space, but I achieved my goal of getting all items needing storage into storage. I can also easily access everything that I need. Hooray!

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